Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Product Details

GOJO® Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Item Number: GOJ095115 
  • 4.5fl oz.
  • Quick-acting lotion formula
  • Cleans without harsh solvents
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Product Details
Keep employees' hands clean with this GOJO® 0951-15 7.5 oz. natural orange pumice hand cleaner! This specially formulated pumice hand cleaner is essential for removing grease, tar, and oil. Perfect for workshops, garages, and a wide variety of industrial applications, it features a fresh orange fragrance that will leave your employees' hands feeling clean and refreshed. It also contains pumice scrubbing particles for extra powerful cleaning action. To apply, simply rub then wipe clean with a towel. A little amount of water is required, making this versatile solution ideal for any number of heavy-duty tasks. Plus, the item is exceptionally easy to store and handle for added convenience.